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Scientific Research Projects by Trivedi Effect

Introduction of The Trivedi Effect in Science

Scientific Research Projects by Trivedi Foundation™

Mahendra Trivedi was born with the ability to transform living and non-living matter, an ability which started fully expressing itself soon after he matured. Through collaborating with researchers in the United States, Canada, Australia, India, and Germany from numerous scientific fields, Mr. Trivedi has amassed a broad set of data substantiating the impact of The Trivedi Effect in a scientifically demonstrable and measurable manner. The results of these collaborations are beyond anything predicted by modern science and technology.

Over 4000 scientific studies have been conducted on the impact of The Trivedi Effect® – in collaboration with leading scientists,research institutions and the Trivedi Foundation™ – on living and non-living materials, including agriculture, genetics, cancer, microbiology, material science and animal husbandry.

A summary of some of the scientific studies is given below and to read more about Trivedi Science



The Trivedi Effect® has been explored in many agricultural experiments on more than 40 crop species, seeds, plants and trees. Adaptive and evolutionary changes occurred, that were completely organic since no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or fungicides were used nor any agent for genetic engineering. In addition to the Energy Transmission from Mahendra Trivedi, the crops and plants received only sunlight and water.

The Trivedi Effect® was shown to enhance:
  • Health of plants
  • Growth parameters
  • Immunity (by up to 639%)
  • Yield of crops (by up to 500%)
  • Nutritional value
  • Shelf life (up to 1000%)
  • Resistance to disease, fungi/bacteria, pests and weeds
  • Vitality and luster (by up to 300%)
  • Germination and maturing rates
  • Fruiting period
  • Chlorophyll A and B content
  • Useful bacteria in soil
  • Morphology (appearance) of shoots, leaves, inflorescence
  • Clustering patterns
  • Adaptive changes up to genetic level
  • Biochemical parameters (such as chlorophyll A & B, auxin IAA and glutathione)
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Plant transformation
Crops project
Mango project
Cashew nut project

Animal wellness

The Trivedi Effect® has been studied on farm animals such as dairy cows, bulls and poultry.

Dairy cows

Experiments with Holstein Friesian and Jersey dairy cows showed:

  1. decreased mortality rate
  2. 30% increase in milk production
  3. 100% conception rate (earlier 60%)
  4. Higher calving frequency
  5. Higher resistance to Mastitis disease
Experiments with Holstein Friesian and Jersey dairy cows


Experiments were conducted with poultry (2100 chicks of Cobb 400 Y breed). The ‘treated' chicks were given no antibiotics or vaccines, whereas the ‘Control' chicks were given their normal regime of 6 vaccines and 34 preventive antibiotics over several weeks.

The results showed:
  1. 1% increase in profitability (EEF, a measure of the economic performance of the batches, was calculated as 271: 245 in favor of the treated chicks)
  2. 7% lesser consumption of feed intake
  3. 15% higher edible weight per gram
  4. Larger number of surviving chicks despite the loss of chicks in gout
Poultry Science
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The Trivedi Effect® was studied in the field of plant and microbial genetics. Experiments were performed on over 40 plants and 22 bacteria using DNA fingerprinting tests by RAPD analysis, SSR and 16 S rDNA. The Trivedi Effect® was shown to:

  • change DNA (true polymorphism) in controlled environments
    • up to 69% in plants
    • up to 79% in microbes
  • improve plant cells and tissues over time
  • modify the genetic code without any form of invasive or external intervention
  • impact antibiotic susceptibilities and genetic characteristics of microbes

These changes were true, adaptive and beneficial responses found to remain stable through the succeeding generations.


Experiments were performed on approximately 100 samples of bacteria and fungi, on 39 samples of mycobacteria (TB), and on 4 species of virus (HIV, Hepatitis B and C, and Cytomegalovirus).

  • Changes in the biochemical characteristics and antibiotic sensitivity patterns of various harmful bacteria as analyzed by Microscan Walkaway
  • Reduced viral loads (concentrations) for viruses in vitro – HIV, Hepatitis B & C, and Cytomegalovirus – by up to 99.8%
  • Significant changes in antibiotic sensitivities of harmful bacteria, including multiple-drug resistant species of tuberculosis (MDR & XDR) becoming susceptible to antibiotics


Experiments were performed on endometrial cancer cell lines, prostate cancer cell lines, and brain cancer cell lines studied at the California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute and PD Hinduja National Hospital, Mumbai. The results showed that The Trivedi Effect®:

  • Reduced the harmful factors in endometrium and prostate cancerous cell lines
  • Had selective efficacy against brain cancer cells: causing cell death of cancer cells
  • Promoted the viability of normal healthy brain cells

Material Science

Experiments included more than 255 varieties of metals, ceramics, polymers, organic and inorganic compounds using the following instruments: X-Ray Diffraction (XRD), Electron Spin Resonance (ESR), Mass Spectroscopy and Chromatography including C-H-N-S-O analysis, HPLC & GPC, UV-Vis, Laser Particle size analysis, Surface Area Determination (by BET), Thermal Analysis, Fourier Transform Infra-Red spectroscopy (FTIR), and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM).

Some observations:
  1. Alterations at atomic level:
    1. changed mass and size of atom
    2. energy within and between the atoms
  2. Alterations in
    1. specific heat
    2. boiling points
    3. melting points

which are constants based on bond energies, crystalline structure, etc. for the material

  1. Mass spectroscopy data shows inter-conversion of mass and energy (more than 400%)

The Science Behind Energy Transmission

Studies on The Trivedi Effect® will document the beneficial effects of Mr. Trivedi's transmissions and his ability to link individual and universal consciousness thus restoring the natural order to the “information field" – a concept proposed by quantum mechanics and further explored by theories of quantum consciousness but yet to be validated or understood in the scientific world.

Science Research Report

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Mr.Trivedi's Physiology
Materials Science
Human Wellness

Trivedi Foundation is an ideal platform that offers science grants for various scientific projects in the area of agriculture, genetics, cancer, microbiology, material science, animal husbandry and human wellness. For all queries regarding scientific research, results and proposals, please contact


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