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Trivedi Foundation Grants for Scientific Research

Trivedi Foundation – non-profit foundation - awards grants to projects

Mahendra Trivedi turned to scientific research with the driving belief that these unique powers must be rigorously investigated and used for the benefit of humankind through scientific collaborations. The impact of his energy transmissions (and The Trivedi Effect®) has been seen in all kinds of materials, both living and nonliving, including at the atomic level. This opens up enormous potential applications in the fields of healthcare, material sciences, drug discovery, effective medicine formulations, disease research, animal husbandry and agricultural sciences to name just a few.

A study of The Trivedi Effect® and its far-reaching impact can provide new insights as well as promote the design of beneficial products and materials, while establishing a new paradigm for modern science. Many of the current controversies around life energies and consciousness, which were never amenable to scientific investigation in the past, can be resolved through studies using The Trivedi Effect®.

Science Grants by the Trivedi Foundation

The Trivedi Foundation awards grants to projects designed to either make use of the Trivedi Effect® or to investigate its impact in any field, including in agriculture, microbiology, health sciences, material sciences, pure sciences, pharmaceuticals and also any projects to investigate Mahendra Trivedi’s (or any of the Trivedi Masters™) physiology in a non-invasive manner. Grants may also cover indirect costs within limits.

We welcome the opportunity to be part of such research projects in countries including, but not restricted to, the US, Canada, UK, India and Australia.

Contact us today if you are a scientist, researcher or an entrepreneur who wishes to explore an association with us and make giant strides in the field of modern science and technology.

Being a scientific research oriented non-profit organization, the Trivedi Foundation offers grants to projects that study the impact of the Trivedi Effect® on human wellness, the food industry, plants, pharmaceuticals, etc.


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"What They Are Saying About Us"

I'm in a new job which came unexpectedly. While it isn't what I want to do I am able to be productive and be happy no matter what - I am so grateful for that. My psoriasis is about 75% better. I am going through healing crisis with something else Guruji is helping me with and then feel amazing, powerful and energetic. I've been going through this cycle and know deep healing is happening. It seems the energy knows the best time to do this work for me when I can be home. Oceans of gratitude dear Guruji.

Judith S.

Thank you to Guruji and Alice! After attending Guruji's conference in San Diego, a number of years ago, I have had a couple of medical healings, for which I am very grateful! Lately I have noticed improvements in my state of mind, more efficient sleep and opportunities showing up in a timely manner. Thank you Guruji and Alice!

-Victoria V.

Thank you for having this special call.I am happy to report that since I learnt to be practical and to work at the tasks of my choosing, my productivity has dramatically increased. And my sleep hours have significantly reduced. Before I would sleep for 10 hours and still felt sleepy and now I wake up naturally in about 7 hours of sleep and ready to work!I have even been able to share the Trivedi Effect with a totally new friend last week over dinner. Thank you so much.

-Janice C.

I had pain in my wrists left over from a previous illness and now that pain is nearly gone.


Greetings! Stephen Salters here. I have been feeling an influx of greater energy and flow. Knowing which people to contact for the next steps of my singing career for more work. New ideas and projects are coming into my mind's eye to enhance the future for the people to be blessed through my voice which has been shifting and changing in such a glorious way and will be poised to create financial prosperity and abundance. My voice is growing and having new vibrations every day. It is exciting. GRATEFUL TO YOU.

-Stephen S.