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An Introduction of Trivedi's Science


Scientific Projects Demonstrate Plant Transformation

Why Plants?

The Power of Science lies in its insistence on objective and consistent evidence reproducible at a material level. Humans can show a placebo effect, so Mr. Trivedi experimented directly with plants and microbes which could not be aware of him or his actions and intentions on them. The Trivedi Effect® has shown changes at atomic and molecular levels, in crystalline structure and properties and also chemical composition of materials (see ‘Materials Science‘). Its impact on microbes has been able to alter DNA and change susceptibility of the microbes to antibiotics or directly increase their life or death rates. When we come to plants, we are dealing with higher level living organisms with more complex mechanisms, and whose results can show adaptive and creative forces of life on a larger scale. The effect has been tested on over 40 varieties of plants at various stages on seeds and on plant tissue cultures. The experiments on seeds /plants are summarized briefly below and many more details can be seen by clicking on the corresponding links. Full test reports are also provided on the relevant pages.

Projects undertaken:

The results of four different projects on growth parameters are summarized here; the fifth on genetic evidence is further described in a separate section. Full details of each project and their reports can be seen by scrolling to the bottom of the page or by clicking here:

Overall Results of Projects:

Mr. Trivedi’s impact on plants has consistently impressed those who saw the results. The main impression is of high vitality expressed in early germination of seeds, quick maturing and extended fruiting period. Dense green leaves are usually seen, often larger number of shoots, and no decay or fall of leaves (sensescence) even up to harvesting times.

Some anomalous results:

  • Seedlings seem eager to germinate, they have been seen to push soil aside to emerge

Science - Plant Transformation

  • A sponge gourd creeper became strong enough to stand erect for nearly 6 weeks, even bearing the weight of the fruit which emerged

Science - Plant Transformation

  • A 32 year old infected mango orchard showed complete eradication of the disease within months of treatment, sustained over the next four years, and with no detected genetic changes to account for the change
  • While disease spots and pest attacks are visible in neighboring plants, treated plants show no signs of these and are able to ward off all such attacks with apparent ease
  • In all experiments, control plants had to be protected and aided by use of additive chemicals: fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, weedicides
  • No chemical additives were administered to any treated plant which flourished strongly in fully organic conditions with no weeds or signs of pathogens in their vicinity
  • All plant structures correlated with yield, such as siliquae, were more abundant on treated plants with the final yield being consistently far higher (over 500% in one), an effect which also persisted into the next generation

Science - Plant Transformation

  • Biochemicals tested for growth (IAA) and immunity (glutathione) showed increase in all measured samplesScience - Plant Transformation

Glow & Liveliness: Another unusual feature of treated plants was the noticeable presence of a glow. This effect was confirmed by sending cashew nuts from treated plants to Germany for a measurement of Bioluminescence, a test which is considered to correlate with vitality of a plant.

Science - Plant Transformation

The net result was over 300% higher bioluminescence in treated cashew, 4 of which were large enough to fill the cuvette used for measurement as against 6 local cashews required for the control and were yet heavier in weight than the six put together. fig. d Soil Parameters A mystifying finding, requiring much more research to understand, was on soil chemistry of treated plots. Spot checks of minerals and microbial population in the treated plots and adjacent control plots showed substantial difference in composition as also higher populations of beneficial microbes and significantly lower numbers of harmful microbes in the soil. Actual reports are also available at the above link.

Science - Plant Transformation

In-depth details of each project:

Projects conducted at:

  • Private Farm at Shahapur, near Bombay – Maharashtra, India (Shahapur) Samples: seeds 6 varieties: Okra, Bottle Gourd, Sponge Gourd, Bitter Gourd, Maize, Rice Date: 2nd Aug 2006 Full photographic evidence is available, including the improved vitality and anomalous growth of the bottle gourd and sponge gourd creepers.
  • Agricultural University: Dr. Balasaheb Sawant Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth (BSKKV), Dapoli, Maharashtra, India (Dapoli) Period: 2002-2006 Samples:
    1. Cashew plantation, Vaibhavwadi, India: Samples: 2 varieties, V4 & V7 planted on treated plots Date: July and August 2002, observations in 2005 Photographic evidence of growth improvement in leaves, flowers and nuts. Changes were found in biochemicals and DNA. The glow in the cashew was tested in Germany.Science - Plant Transformation
    2. Mango Orchard, Wakavali, India: Samples: 55 treated, 55 control trees, 32 year old, infected with spongy tissue disorder Date: December 2005 This project within months achieved the complete eradication of the spongy tissue disorder in a 32-year old mango orchard which had been afflicted for decades. The exceptional quality of growth and mangoes remained sustained over next four years of observation and occurred without any accompanying genetic alterations in the DNA.Science - Plant Transformation

    3. 8 varieties, pure cell lines, 6 species of seeds, 3 plants: Seeds: Mustard, Cow-pea, Horse gram, two varieties of Groundnuts, Water Melon Plants: Chili, Eggplant, Patchouli Date: 19 Jan ’06 Improved growth parameters, detailed study of the mustard plant and photographs are available for viewing. The mustard plant data is further supplemented by a similar study at BHU and biochemical tests at Monad Nanotech, DNA Landmark
  • Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi (BHU) Samples: seeds 2 annual plants: Chick pea, Mustard Date: 25 Nov. 2005, winter Improved growth parameters and photographs can be seen
  • Monad Nanotech Pvt. Ltd, India, & DNA Landmarks, Canada Tests for some major biochemicals responsible for growth and immunity in plants and to see if any genetic changes may be underlying the visible changes being seen Immunity parameter: Glutathione concentration Growth parameter: IAA concentration Genetic changes: comparison of DNA between controls & treated samples i.e. tests for DNA Polymorphism Samples: 5 varieties of seeds: Mustard, Cotton, Okra, Soybean, Rice Date: May 2006 Concentrations of the Auxin, IAA, involved in all stages of plant growth, were consistently found to be significantly higher (13% to 107%) in treated plants, and also glutathione (28% to 207%), which has been found to be involved in plant immunity and stress response
    1. Tests for genetic transformations: DNA Polymorphism (comparison of DNA between control & treated samples):
    2. Bangalore Geneii, India: Test: with 5-8 RAPD markers Samples: seeds of 38 crops, tests on Cashew samples Date: Nov 2007 – Feb 2008
    3. DNA Landmarks, Canada: Test: with 100 SSR markers Samples: seeds of 3 crops: tomato, canola, cotton Date: May 2006 (Of the 43 tests reported here, 41 showed significant and true DNA polymorphism, signifying that a genuine change in DNA was visible in the seedling after treatment of the seeds)

The Trivedi Effect® has demonstrated Plant transformation and has consistently improved yield, quality and immunity of various crops, plants, seeds and fruits.


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Thank you to Guruji and Alice! After attending Guruji's conference in San Diego, a number of years ago, I have had a couple of medical healings, for which I am very grateful! Lately I have noticed improvements in my state of mind, more efficient sleep and opportunities showing up in a timely manner. Thank you Guruji and Alice!

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I had pain in my wrists left over from a previous illness and now that pain is nearly gone.


Greetings! Stephen Salters here. I have been feeling an influx of greater energy and flow. Knowing which people to contact for the next steps of my singing career for more work. New ideas and projects are coming into my mind's eye to enhance the future for the people to be blessed through my voice which has been shifting and changing in such a glorious way and will be poised to create financial prosperity and abundance. My voice is growing and having new vibrations every day. It is exciting. GRATEFUL TO YOU.

-Stephen S.