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One of the often misused terms of science is research its usage in day-to-day language is quite different from that of a strict scientific meaning. In science stream, it is vital to get aside from the looser meaning and make its use only in its proper context. Scientific research sticks to long-established structures and a bunch of strict protocols.


Aims of Scientific Research

  • Observation and Description

  • Prediction

  • Cause Determination

  • Explanation

  • Purpose of Research – The need to conduct research and its necessity

Steps in Scientific Researches

The steps of the science research have a similar structure to an hourglass. Its structure commences with general questions and then narrows down to concentrate on a single specific aspect. After this comes the designing research where it is possible to observe and analyze this specific aspect. Eventually, the hourglass gets wide, and the researcher terminates as well as generalizes the findings to the real world.

  • Goal Setting– Research in all disciplines, not just science, must undoubtedly begin with a vividly defined goal. It usually takes the form of hypothesis, if not always. The entire study is frame around this clearly defined goal, and it is expected to address a unique issue, advancing than a previous research and also the scientifically accepted fundamentals. However, nothing in science is regarded as truth, the basic assumptions is made at all degrees of research, drafted upon a widely accepted knowledge.

  • Result Interpretation– There is always some connection between data and scientist’s notions on it in scientific research. Usually, the researcher takes a look at the information gathered to draw a conclusion on why the data looks like it does. Often, science tends to use experimentation for studying and interpreting a particular hypothesis or question to allow a gradual accumulation of knowledge, which slowly becomes a core assumption.

  • Gradual and Replication Accumulation– No matter which type of study is being conducted, there should be a clear procedure to replicate the experiments and verify the results. Most scientific research concentrates at an area and separates it to easily tested pieces. These individual pieces are the gradual experimented on to allow larger questions that are to be approached and answered.

Scientific Research is a simple terminology, but with wide range and aspects of methodologies. There are various elements like data collection, observations, testability, etc. involved in the whole process. It is also important to draw appropriate conclusions on the conducted study and also revamp the findings with better scope.

True scientific researches never draw a definitive answer. It encourages additional research in a different direction. In spite of hypothesis that generates fresh ideas being disproved, it is refined and developed. The research remains cyclical, with the results produced leading to either fresh areas of refinement of the original process. Scientific research remain a strict term that could be stringent with its core facts and knowledge. But apart from the factual conclusions, additional conclusions with re-defined methodologies keep on evolving bettering the scientific research.

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