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Pesticides are substances meant for preventing, destroying or mitigating any pest. They are a class of biocide. The most common use of pesticides are as plant protection products (also known as crop protection products), which in general protect plants from damaging influences such as weeds, diseases or insects. Pesticides are also used for non-agricultural purposes. Common chemicals used in pesticides are organochlorines, organophosphates and carbamates.

Pesticides are often applied as sprays or as dusts from the air. The most severe problems of pesticides relate to the powerful chemicals contained in them which can have a damaging impact on human health and the environment as a whole. Chemicals and their components can enter the air, waterways and the food we eat. Of concern is that, according to the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants, 9/12 of the most dangerous and persistent organic chemicals are pesticides. In addition, entomologist David Pimentel suggested that as little as 0.1% of applied pesticides might actually reach the target pests, while over 99% of them are left to affect the environment (1995).

The absorption of pesticides through food, water or the air can have a cumulative detrimental impact on human health by affecting the neurological and endocrine systems. Neurological symptoms such as memory loss, mood swings, loss of coordination, and reduced motor skills have all been associated with exposure to pesticides. Other problems that can occur include cancer, asthma, allergies, hormone disruption, reproductive problems, headaches, dizziness, nausea, chronic fatigue and hypersensitivity.

There are also adverse Environmental impacts of pesticide use that can include loss of biodiversity, threat to the survival of key species (e.g. bees), water pollution and soil contamination.

One man by the name of Mahendra Kumar Trivedi has opened up a new possibility and ‘food for thought’ by reinventing the future of agricultural practice.

Brought to the world by Mahendra Trivedi in 1995, the Trivedi Effect® is a natural phenomenon that, when harnessed and transmitted by individuals, transforms living organisms and non-living materials so they can function at a higher level and serve a greater purpose. Mahendra Trivedi was born with exceptionally high levels of intelligence and perception and in 1995, he was gifted with the unique ability to transmit a powerful energy through his thoughts. The effects of his Energy Transmissions, known as the Trivedi Effect®, have produced miraculous results.

In terms of agriculture, Mahendra Trivedi produced remarkable results. He has conducted a number of experiments where plants, trees and seeds have been subjected to Energy Transmissions under monitored and controlled conditions. The energy has acted to: significantly improve germination rates; speed up germination, flowering and fruiting; increase growth rate and the uniformity of plants, dramatically improve plant immunity, positively modify plant characteristics, improve nutritional content/quality/size of fruits/plants, hugely increase yields, improve the shelf life of produce, improve taste, and increase plant survival rates. In each experiment, no fertilizers, fungicides or pesticides were used and both the control groups and treated groups were planted and cared for under matching conditions.

The evidence showed that, without spraying pesticides, fungicides, or fertilizers, plants had an improved immunity, better survival rates and were ultimately able to grow in an unexpected manner to produce better quality produce. Mahendra Trivedi has shown the world that it is possible to transform our environment through energy accessed by higher consciousness.

So far there are only two others with the ability to transmit the Trivedi Effect®: Mahendra Trivedi’s wife, Dahryn Trivedi, and Gopal Nayak. Together, Mahendra Trivedi, Dahryn Trivedi, and Gopal Nayak are working to establish a new scientific paradigm on this planet in order to better understand the link between science and consciousness, for the betterment of humanity and the world.

A non-profit organization of Mahendra Trivedi is known as the Trivedi Foundation. Trivedi Foundation reviews can help you better understand about the organization and what are the opinions of people about it. You can visit its website to know, how you can join Trivedi Foundation Master Blessings.

"What They Are Saying About Us"

I'm in a new job which came unexpectedly. While it isn't what I want to do I am able to be productive and be happy no matter what - I am so grateful for that. My psoriasis is about 75% better. I am going through healing crisis with something else Guruji is helping me with and then feel amazing, powerful and energetic. I've been going through this cycle and know deep healing is happening. It seems the energy knows the best time to do this work for me when I can be home. Oceans of gratitude dear Guruji.

Judith S.

Thank you to Guruji and Alice! After attending Guruji's conference in San Diego, a number of years ago, I have had a couple of medical healings, for which I am very grateful! Lately I have noticed improvements in my state of mind, more efficient sleep and opportunities showing up in a timely manner. Thank you Guruji and Alice!

-Victoria V.

Thank you for having this special call.I am happy to report that since I learnt to be practical and to work at the tasks of my choosing, my productivity has dramatically increased. And my sleep hours have significantly reduced. Before I would sleep for 10 hours and still felt sleepy and now I wake up naturally in about 7 hours of sleep and ready to work!I have even been able to share the Trivedi Effect with a totally new friend last week over dinner. Thank you so much.

-Janice C.

I had pain in my wrists left over from a previous illness and now that pain is nearly gone.


Greetings! Stephen Salters here. I have been feeling an influx of greater energy and flow. Knowing which people to contact for the next steps of my singing career for more work. New ideas and projects are coming into my mind's eye to enhance the future for the people to be blessed through my voice which has been shifting and changing in such a glorious way and will be poised to create financial prosperity and abundance. My voice is growing and having new vibrations every day. It is exciting. GRATEFUL TO YOU.

-Stephen S.